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Gerri Philipps 249-6281

Happy New Year! Christmas is over, we have had snow, and I am ready for SPRING. I know, I am wishing my life away, how many times did I hear that growing up. Well there is one thing I wish, and that is for all of you to have a blessed and purposeful 2015.

I just checked the gas prices; you can do that at The cheapest gar is in Nashville at $2.14. How can that be, and for so long, that prices have been so low. I asked a very smart man I know and he said because of production is up. Well, why don’t they just keep production up all the time? I, myself, think there is more to it than that. I know travelers over the holidays were happy about paying less at the pumps.

If you are not sick, or been sick, you know someone who is sick with this flu. Please wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you cough.

Lester and Lorraine Pitchford celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on Sunday, December 28. So happy for them.

Kevi Lipe was able to put up her tree and have Christmas dinner in her home. Kevi had a fire in her laundry room and she has been working round the clock so she and her family could be back home for the holidays.

Donnie and Nancy Russell traveled to St Louis Christmas Eve day to spend Christmas with their daughter and the triplets. If you want to hear some funny stories, ask Donnie how the triplets are.

Julie Brake is recovery from her surgery earlier this month to repair a twisted colon and adhesions. Get well Julie.

If you live in the Richview community and are in need of food, please give Pastor Dennis Gambill a call at 249-6014 or 322-9038 to get on the list for pick-up on Saturday, 24 January 2015.

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