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A Winter View of GardeningMaster Gardener Scoop, Jan. 7, 2015

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A Winter View of Gardening

By Debbie Czarnopys-White, Master Gardener

Our gardens have gone to sleep but will return again in a few months. We can still enjoy gardening in several ways. If we have trees, shrubs or maybe some decorative garden items like statues, it’s a wonderful time to get outside with a camera or even a phone that takes pictures. There are opportunities with a garden at rest that can be very peaceful. Watching how the winter weather settles over our areas of former food growing or even a garden bench can bring the season full circle.

Feeding wildlife can bring rewards as well. Locate the feeding area close enough to a good viewing window so we can appreciate all the diversity of cold-season birds that come to visit. There are other critters that come as well but I don’t think they would eat that much to make a difference. Occasionally, a raccoon or some squirrels will hop on our old picnic table to snatch some seeds but if the birds don’t mind, I don’t either. There are many books, CDs and DVDs available to help us continue to learn. We don’t have to learn the entire contents of anything we’d study but even picking up a few new tidbits of interest would be fun.

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