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WCH Sees Loss For Nov. Due To Higher-Than-Average Salaries, Benefits

By Alex Haglund

The Washington County Hospital Board of Directors met for their regular December meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 30, in the WCH conference rooms.

WCH Chief Financial Officer Elaine Matzenbacher gave her report for the month, stating that the hospital had a loss for the month of November of $73,655. Matzenbacher stated that salaries at $582,733, and employee benefits at $164,265 for the month were both high.

“Salaries were up due to holidays, when there are a lot of instances of double pay, and due to many being at seminars through the month, which also results in double pay.”

The hospital is still bring in a net profit, $75,605 for the fiscal year 2015 so far.

Information Systems

Hospital Chief Information Officer Kim Larkin updated the board on WCH’s progress in reaching Meaningful Use milestones in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re hitting all of our numbers except for the Patient Portal,” said Larkin.

The Patient Portal allows patients of the hospital or rural health clinic to check records online, see test and lab results, and to set appointments or request prescription refills, all from a computer. ACA requires that facilities must get five-percent of their patients using the Patient Portal over the next calendar year, a milestone that WCH (and many other facilities) is having difficulties with.

“The Patient Portal has stayed steady at four-percent said Larkin, “which given WCH’s numbers is only two or three patients. They don’t let you round up on those numbers though, they actually round down.”

For more on WCH’s Patient Portal, see next week’s edition of The Nashville News.

Employee Handbook

WCH Human Resources chief Dave Davenport spoke to the Board about proposed changes to the WCH employee handbook.

Changes to the hospital’s nepotism and complaint resolution policies are still being worked on. These will be brought back before the board at a future meeting. The handbook will also have a chart illustrating the hospital’s chain of command.

Employee Banquet

The WCH employee honors banquet will be held beginning at lunch time on Friday, January 16. Employees will be honored for their service at WCH and lunch will be served. The program begins at 11 a.m., and lunch will be served at 12 p.m.

WCH Sees Loss For Nov. Due To Higher-Than-

Average Salaries, Benefits

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