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City Of Nashville Hears Appeal For Financial Aid From State Theater

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Carole Moeller, along with Bud Kinder, both representing the State Theater, spoke at the Nashville City Council, asking for aid for the Theater.

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council met at City Hall on the evening of Thursday, January 15 for their first regular meeting of the new year, and heard a plea for aid from Carole Moeller and Bud Kinder of the State Theater.

“We would like to ask the city for some support financially,” said Moeller. “I just want something for the kids, or for old people like me that don’t want to drive out of town to see a movie.”

“There’s a legacy we’re trying to keep alive here,” Kinder said, stating that the businessmen who originally got together and bought the theater in 1973 included Rayhill Hagist, Robert Schaltenbrand, Lee Borowiak, Allen Holzhauer, and Hubert Vogt.

Moeller and Kinder said that the theater needs a new digital projector to show almost all movies coming out today. The projector would cost about $65,000 and Moeller said that they were “about halfway there.”

In addition, they stated that they would like to take care of some other needs of the theater building, including a vapor sealing, repainting and a new AC unit.

Moeller mentioned the idea of the city purchasing shares, or possibly making a donation.

“I really feel like people in the community want this,” said Moeller. “You’ll be helping the town. How many towns can brag about something like this?”

The theater item was not on the agenda and the board considered what Moeller and Kinder said but did not take action.

Fiber Optic Network

A company called Extent Systems wants to build a fiber optic network in Nashville to increase cell phone data coverage at Verizon’s request. Kimberlie Nash spoke to the council on behalf of Extent.

Nash said that Extent had built similar networks in Murphysboro, West City and Benton.

“Extent will own operate and maintain the entire network,” Nash said. “They’re not a cell service company….they just provide the networks.”

The network Extent would like to put in would be a “small cell” system, with transmitters and antenna on top of utility poles.

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