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Entrants Wanted For Optimist Club Writing Contest

By Scott T. Sharp, Pastor

First Baptist Church,


Question: What are your hopes/goals/expectations for the coming year?

Here are some goals I’m hoping to accomplish this year. Perhaps the following list will serve as an inspiration to you as well.

1. I’m going to read my Bible more often.

2. I’m going to spend more time in prayer.

3. I’m going to find someone I can minister to and help

4. I’m going to live a morally pure life for Christ.

5. I’m going to share the gospel of Christ with the lost.

6. I’m going to tithe at least 10 percent of my time, talents and possessions to the Lord.

7. I’m going to help my family members grow spiritually.

8. I’m going to be more forgiving.

9. I’m going to be more thankful.

10. I’m going to be more generous.

11. I’m going to be a better example for others.

So the question now is, how successful will I be at meeting my goals? For many of us, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We have great intentions and pure motives, but often times, our motivation runs out before we reach our goal. We all know how that feels. Let me encourage you take a different approach this year, one that I’m going to use as well. Whatever your goal happens to be, work at it one day at a time.

We all tend to be “results driven.” In other words, if we don’t see immediate results, we tend to lose heart and give up. But sometimes change takes time and it sure takes work. So let me encourage you to adopt the philosophy I’m going to use this year: “Do the right thing today and tomorrow you’ll have no regrets.” Don’t expect immediate results. Instead, take it one day at a time. Do what needs to be done on this day and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday can’t be changed and tomorrow isn’t here yet. Therefore, all I can do will be accomplished in this day called today.

Nashville Community High School announced two writing contests open to high school age students.

The Optimist Club of Nashville is sponsoring their annual essay writing contest with the prompt of “Optimist Should Be a Priority.”

The Lovejoy Library at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is sponsoring its poetry, fiction, and nonfiction writing contest.

Entries are due by Friday, Feb. 6. Students interested in these writing contests can contact Mrs. Sara Kollbaum at NCHS at 327 – 8286, ext. 319 or or any English teacher at the high school.

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