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Court ReportJan. 28, 2015

Court Report

Sharon Belcher, 69, of Richview, was arrested and charged with two counts of cruel treatment, a class A misdemeanor, for allegedly not providing adequate food, shelter, water, or otherwise abusing a black labrador and a black and white pitbull, on or about Dec. 31, 2014. At a court date on Jan. 20, Belcher appeared and the state moved to dismiss the charge pursuant to a plea in case 14-OV-13.

Wayne R. Eigenrauch, 45, of Nashville, was arrested on Aug. 19, 2014, and was charged with unlawful possession of cannabis, three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and with one count of unlawful delivery of alcoholic liquor to a minor. At a Jan. 20 court date, per plea negotiations, Eigenrauch plead guilty to counts II and V, possession of paraphernalia and delivery of alcohol to a minor, while the other three counts were dropped. For count II, he was sentenced to 12 months of probation and to pay $765 in fines and costs. For count V, he was sentenced to 12 months of court supervision and to pay fines and costs totaling $500.

Jacob R. Radake, 25, of Hoffman, was arrested and charged with display of registration/license plate not authorized for that vehicle. At a court appearance on Jan. 20, the charges against Radake were dismissed pursuant to a plea in related traffic case 14-TR-1827.

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