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Helping Our Feathered FriendsJan. 28, 2014 Master Gardener Scoop

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Helping Our Feathered Friends

By Majo Bates, Master Gardener

I am reminded around Thanksgiving time of our feathered friends and I am thankful for their beauty. Our birds that winter over need assistance to get through the winter. I want to encourage you to feed birds this winter and enjoy watching the birds you feed. As temperatures fall and nature’s food supply dwindles across our area in Southern Illinois, some birds will migrate to more hospitable areas while others will stay and tough it out. Regardless of where you live, the bird populations present in our area this winter could use your assistance. Attract and welcome these feathered friends to your backyard with a bird-friendly habitat.

Creating a habitat is simple, and can be done without a full re-landscaping or owning a 20-acre farm. All it takes is a source of shelter, water and food. Birds need help finding enough food and water all year round, but especially in the winter when natural resources are limited, and ice or snow may make access to berries, seeds and water more challenging.

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