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It Happened HereFeb. 4, 2015

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


Six miners working at the Du Bois coal mine were overcome by “black damp” and were treated at the Du Quoin hospital.

A meeting was held in Belleville to organize the Kaskaskia River Valley Project.

Wheat was selling at 87 cents a bushel. Country butter was 38 cents a pound.

Deaths: Christina Weiland, formerly of Washington County; Augusta Witt of Nashville; Mary Crow of Ashley; and Leonard Houston, the son of Laura Haun of Beaucoup.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Helen Rezba, 17, of Oakdale was injured when a school bus crashed into a coal truck on Route 13.

Elmer Chandler, 35, formerly of Nashville, was transferred to Alcatraz prison in California from Leavenworth, Kansas.

Toedte Brothers advertised new Maytag washers for $59.95.

Henry Beilatowicz, 25, was overcome by carbon monoxide gas from fumes of his car while working in a closed garage. He revived a half hour later.

Deaths: Fred Brinkman of Hoyleton; Louis Klingenberg of Plum Hill; Philip Stroh, a native of Darmstadt; Carrie Frickenschmidt of Grand Prairie; Henry Jasper of East St. Louis; and Jerry Brasco, known as the Locust Creek hermit.

Seventy Years Ago


Shop window lighting, all outdoor lighting and advertiseing was banned as part of a nationwide effort to conserve coal being burned for electricity. Nashville’s “Great White Way” was only slightly affected.

A record high average price of $3.49 per cwt. was received in 1944 by dairymen in the St. Louis Milk Shed.

Pvt. John Auld, 19, of Oakdale was wounded in action in Belgium.

Elizabeth Koch received word that her grandson, John Koch, 19, was missing in action in France.

Albert Stern of Rice was wounded for a second time and was in England.

Tech/5 Amos Downes, 22, of Irvington was killed in France.

SSgt. Richard Vernor, 19, a grandson of Mrs. Dan Vernor of Nashville, was killed in action over Germany.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


C. Fred Ostendorf and Harry Anderson were announced as candidates for Washington County Sheriff. S. J. Povolish was a candidate for county judge.

Kroger advertised 100 pounds of potatoes for $2.59. Three packages of Wrigley’s gum were 10 cents.

Deaths: Nellie Woodrome of Ashley; and Marcyann Kasper, 19, a granddaughter of John Gajewski of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago


The Huegely Elevator Co. sold its Case tractor agency to Edmund Nagel and Melvin Roethemeyer.

Work was proceeding on telephone line construction to the areas of Oakdale and Venedy.

The State Theater in Nashville featured John Wayne in “Reap the Wild Wind.”

Deaths: Henry Brinkmann of Addieville; Mrs. Jessie McCoy of Nashville; Mrs. Joseph Labuda of Bolo Township; David Williamson of Rock Falls; Mary Novak, formerly of Ashley; and Winfield Brandhorst, formerly of Nashville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


There were no major contests in the primary election.

Fishing license fees for Illinois residents over the age of 65 were set at 50 cents.

Deaths: James Smith of nashville; Ethel Flannigan, a native of Nashville; Frank Miller, a native of Venedy; Katie (Frisch) Allen, a native of Ashley; and Waldo Houser, 43, formerly of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago


Raymond Koontz of Harrisburg was chosen Work Unit Conservationist for Washington County, replacing John Watkins, who transferred to Hancock County.

Ewald Steinkamp of Venedy was elected to succeed William Moellman as director and president of the Venedy/Washington County Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

Farmers Mid-County Feed Co. began operation in Nashville with Edward Swoboda as manager.

Deaths: Dr. George Baldwin, 81, of Centralia; William Fark, 74, of Hoyleton; Joseph Rulevish, 84, of Tamaroa; Fred “Burly” Buerklin, 84, of Ashley; Leroy McCormick, 68, of Nashville; Claudine O’Donnell of Paducah, KY; Dr. Carl Wedel, 69, of St. Louis; Minnie Schlake, 81, formerly of Plum Hill; and Edward Kasten of Los Angeles, CA.

Forty-Five Years Ago


The First Baptist Church congregation voted to build a new church and educational building on the lot directly west of the present church.

Linda Schindelar, 18, maraculously escaped death when her car was struck by a train and demolished at the Route 127/M and I railroad crossing north of Nashville.

Snow had been on the ground for 39 straight days.

Harrl Beatty of Nashville took over the store which had been operated by Howard Frederking for almost seven years. Harrl’s father, the late Fred Beatty, had operated the same store for over 40 years.

Sue Wilke was appointed by the Washington County Board of Supervisors as a radio operator in the communications department of the sheriff’s office, replacing Kathy Garbs of Okawville, who resigned to take a position in St. Louis.

Deaths: William Ibendahl, 87, of Oakdale; Darla Wedemeyer, 40, of Nashville; Arthur Sanders, 72, formerly of Venedy; Mrs. Frank Schaffer, 101, Coulterville’s oldest citizen; Albert Finke, 62, of St. Louis; Fred Groennert, 71, of Nashville; Edna Maxwell, 68, of Nashville; Ralph Coffman, 64, of Rochester, WA; and Rev. A. L. Brueggeman of Warrenton, MO.

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