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Nashville Fire Protection District Handled 121 Calls In 2014

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Fire Protection District released their annual report for 2014 in January. The total number of calls went up from 2013’s 112 to 121, an eight-percent increase in total calls.

“It’s really kind of a quiet year,” said Fire Chief Al Hohlt, “which is a good thing. We’ve had several of those in a row.”

The property damage estimate for 2014 was $525,500, up from just $215,500 last year, but still much less than the more than $1.8-million in damage estimated in 2006, or over $1-million in 2007.

The largest category of calls was for accidents or rescue, 43 calls, or 36-percent of total calls.

There were eight calls for structure fires, only seven-percent of the department’s total calls. There were 19 calls for gras/brush/woods or refuse fires, 16-percent of total calls, but four calls less than for the same category last year.

There were 12 calls for vehicles or farm equipment, 10-percent, same as last year. Nine calls were for system malfunctions or accidental alarms. 16 calls were for automatic or mutual aid. Four calls were for Police or Ambulance assistance. There was one call for a smoke scare. Finally, nine calls were for hazardous incidents.

The breakdown for number of calls by month is as follows: January, 18 calls; February, 10 calls; March, 21 calls; April, two calls; May, eight calls; June, 10 calls; July, seven calls; August, six calls; September, seven calls; October, 12 calls; November, 15 calls; and December, five calls.

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