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VenedyFeb. 25, 2015


Ora Mae Droege 824-6326

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

St. Salvator Lutheran Church members rejoice with Pastor Art Eichhorn, as he celebrates his 40th anniversary of work for the Missouri Synod on February 26th.

Some area residents attended the Linoln Day Dinner at the Nashville American Legion Sunday evening.

Almost like old time birthday celebrations Thursday evening, as Steve & Gina Droege, Susan & Kyrsten Wisneski, Ryan & Kayla Droege, Glenn Backs & Norman & Rosemary Koenigstein gathered at the home of Stanley & Ora Mae Droege in honor of Stanley’s birthday. Refreshments were served, women visited in the kitchen, men in the living room. Years ago it was the opposite – men in the kitchen, women in the living room, followed by some card playing. He received telephone congratulations messages from his daughter Cindy & husband Howard, Grandsons David Droege & Blake Wisneski, Cousin Dorothy Mortimer & friend Veronice Liszewski. He also received a number of meaningful cards. A grand evening, looking forward to 2015.

Some say the height of a squirrel’s nest in trees is an indication for the weather, but some experts say squirrel nests’ heights in trees are not weather related. Its just the type of tree, other critters around, etc. For More, Please Read The February 25 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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