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A Snowy Start To March

030415 Browne Igloo C.jpg

Snowy Start To March

030415 Olaf N Mill C.jpg

The Speedie Way Down The Hill

030415 Snow Fort Willowbrook C.jpg

Party Time

030415 Snowman Fireball C.jpg

Ready For Battle

030415 Snowman Spring Break C.jpg

ABOVE and RIGHT, Graham Speedie, 12, takes the hill at Memorial Park with his sled, a Flying Arrow, which he says is 40 or 50 years old. BELOW, Trent and Addison Browne, along with dad, Steve, built an igloo at their home located on St. Rt. 15. They made the igloo by packing laundry baskets with snow, stacking them up and then building it up from there.

030415 Speedie Sled C.jpg

Thirsty snowmen could be found celebrating spring break, ABOVE, at 442 W. St. Louis and RIGHT, at W. St. Louis near the west end of Nashville. BELOW, Olaf of “Frozen,” located at 486 N. Mill was made by Emily Detering and her father, Chad.

030415 Speedie Sledding C.jpg

Snow forts were built at the Varel house on W. Willowbrook, with Anna Hamilton, and Delaney, Grady and Reese Varel making ready behind their icy wall.

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