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Hoyleton Community GardenMaster Gardener ScoopMarch 4, 2015

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Hoyleton Community Garden

By Janet Klie, Master Gardener

We had our first meeting November 18, 2014. Not a good time to plan a garden you say! Well don’t tell us that – we think it’s just perfect.

First, we decided where to put this garden and a good size for this garden. Other items that need to be considered are: the need of a water line for this garden; the need for soil to be turned over; the need for a shed for supplies to be stored; and the need for a fence. We also need a garden plan.

At our next meeting, the children at Hoyleton Ministries expressed that they wanted a row garden. We will help them plant and care for plants. Discussion was held with the U of I Master Gardeners about assisting with seeds, plants and volunteers.

The 4-H is also involved regarding an educational opportunity with Elisha. We started to tell other people in town. We have received so much support – we have some seeds, someone is starting our tomato plants. What do you need is asked a lot! We need help of all kinds. We need for you to share your wisdom and guidance, for most of the children have never helped in a garden. We think it is good to see how and where your food is grown – Hands on!

Our next meeting is on March 23 at 1 p.m. at the Hoyleton Chapel if you are interested. Please feel free to come. All are welcome!

So this spring if you see something going on south of the Hoyleton Chapel, please stop by and check us out. Hope to see you there!

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