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Relay For Life 2015: Celeste Malick Is Going Strong


Relay For Life 2015:

Celeste Malick Is Going Strong

Pancreatic Cancer. We all know how deadly that is. Yet Celeste (Herrmany) Malick,29, of Scheller has found many things to be hopeful – and thankful for.

Celeste and her husband Chris had a rough fall. They first found out Chris had diabetes and then three days later, on October 7 (the day before their anniversary), they were told she had Stage 1 pancreatic cancer. Within days, she went from being a wife, mom and full-time employee to cancer patient.

While it’s great that her cancer was found early and is a slow spreading type, it is a tough one to kill and requires an aggressive course of treatment. Coordinating through Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis and Cancer Centers of America in Swansea, her regimen rotates six weeks of radiation and chemo (Ganzar) three times a week, and PET scans every four weeks – all while raising two teenage boys (Ryan and Garrett Gibbs are 7th and 8th graders at Ashley Grade School). The Cancer Centers of America makes its name by treating the whole person, rather than just attacking the disease (love that “thinking outside the box” approach), so in addition to chemo and radiation, she’s met with a nutritionist and added a meal replacement shake to stop weight loss and keep up her strength. The entire family is on board with healthier food choices so everyone is healthier – which helps since her immune system is pretty weak. She’s had exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, and is now dealing with aggravating neuropathy that’s settled in her joints. Her doctors are worried about her kidneys and that she may need dialysis. But its small potatoes, according to Celeste. “They said it can be reversed and it’s just temporary.”

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