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WCH Working On Strategic Plan

By Alex Haglund

The Washington County Hospital Board of Directors met for their regular monthly meeting for February on Tuesday, Feb. 24 and discussed WCH’s strategic plan.

WCH President and CEO spoke to board members about the plan and was joined by SSM CEO Phil Gustafson and Vice President of Strategy for Good Samaritan Julie Long.

The strategic plan is to help WCH grow and thrive while accommodating a shifting economic and legislative landscape, as well as future events including a possible physician shortage.

Newby said that a focus on patient access to care would be one of WCH’s priorities going forward.

Other priorities would include physician and staff recruitment, continued renovation of the facility, expansion of services and local specialty clinics, and gains in efficiency as being part of a network with other area care providers.

Newby also highlighted some of WCH’s strengths, weaknesses and threats.

Among the strengths were WCH staff, low debt, and a growing number of specialty clinics.

Many of the weaknesses were just part of running a small hospital in a rural location: rural economy, a small aging facility, and continued financial vulnerability (despite three years in a row of a positive bottom line). Computer concerns with making WCH compliant with Meaningful Use were also considered weaknesses.

Threats included the constantly changing governmental/legislative landscape with regard to healthcare, an aging physician workforce, and increased competition.

Newby stated that the plan was being designed with the input and assistance of hospital department heads and that all employees would be receiving the final version.

“We’ll take this back,” said Newby, “and we’ll continue to work on it. We’ll bring the final one back to next month’s meeting.”

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