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8th Grade Players, Cheerleaders Honored In Ashley


The Ashley Grade School boys last home basketball game was Jan. 20 against St. Mary (Centralia). Those honored include Rodger and Michelle Poston, parents of Ashley Turner; Rick and Kim Woods, parents of Alexis Woods; Darrel and Lezlee Novak, parents of Dalton Novak; Kevi Lipe and Sean Madrey, parents of Reis Madrey; Lynze Joseph and stepmother Diana Joseph; Ryan and Tonya Davis, parents of Landon Davis; Stephen and Charity Stofferahn, parents of Reighn Stofferahn; Cherie Gundlach and Ryan Donahoo, parents of Gia Donahoo; Celeste and Chris Malick and Jason Gibbs, parents of Ryan Gibbs; Mae Hale and Jennifer Prince, grandmother and mother of Tyler Prince.

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