Last Call for Washington CFB Foundation’s Agriculture

Washington County Farm Bureau® Foundation scholarship applications for 2015 are now available from the Nashville office.

Applicants must be a member, or a member’s dependent, of the Farm Bureau and enrolled at a post-secondary school studying agriculture or an agriculture-related curriculum. The number and dollar amount of Foundation scholarships awarded will vary depending upon availability of funds.

In addition, the Foundation will again be offering a $1,000 scholarship to a college upperclassman pursuing an agriculture-related field. This will be awarded to a student who shows outstanding commitment to agriculture and plans to continue to serve this industry in the future. Applicants for this scholarship must also be members, or a member’s dependent, of the Washington County Farm Bureau.

Both of the Foundation scholarship opportunities are available at the Farm Bureau office, electronically by request to [email protected], or from your respective high school guidance counselor and FFA Advisor. Both applications have a March 31 deadline to be returned to the Washington County Farm Bureau office.

For more information contact the Washington County Farm Bureau at (618) 327-3081 or [email protected]

Scholarship Opportunities

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