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Remembering Sierra

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This Sunday, March 15, would have been Sierra Wilder’s 15th birthday. In remembrance of Sierra, her friends, family, and those she had touched gathered at the mill ponds at Nashville’s Memorial Park and, just after 1 p.m., released scores of balloons as a memorial to her.

By Alex Haglund

Sierra Wilder, killed in the tragic Kentucky plane crash on January 2, may be gone, but the memory of her lives on in those who knew her and loved her, many of whom came out this Sunday, March 15, for a balloon release at Memorial Park in Nashville. It would have been Wilder’s 15th birthday

“I think the day was the most beautiful day of 2015 and the positive of being on her birthday!” wrote Jami Lynn Lane, Sierra’s mother. “Sierra had a beautiful smile and personality and the day was just as special as she is to us. Everyone wrote a note to Sis and attached it to their balloon.”

“The most beautiful part was watching the balloons go so high and shimmer on the sun and disappear as they got so high,” Lane continued, “It was just perfect.”

Lane is planning more to help preserve Sierra’s memory as well.

“We’re going to be doing a memorial in Sierras name at the park. We plan on purchasing some play equipment and donating that in her name,” said Lane. “She loved her little brothers and so so many other kids that were in her life. I want this there for her brothers and those children and their children’s children to play there and be able to tell her story. To remember how sweet and beautiful of a person she was.”

Those interested in helping to make this a reality or wanting to donate can contact Lane at (618) 322-9910.

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