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State Theater Rummage Sale Coming Up In April

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Items are already being gathered for the State Theater Rummage Sale, coming up April 23-25.

Mark your calendar for the State Theater Annual Rummage Sale to be held April 23 – 25 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Each year, Carole Moeller, President of the State Theater Board, spearheads this three day event.

Proceeds from the sale are donated towards the purchase of a new digital camera for the State Theater.

In the past, donations from the rummages sales have been used for paying taxes, repairs and updates to the building, paying off a loan, and towards the purchase of the camera.

Organizing and managing the rummage sale is no easy feat, and it takes months to prepare for the three day event. She will tell you in a heartbeat that she takes this tasking on with the help of local volunteers so that old and young alike will have a theater to go to.

Keeping the only theater in the county open for all to use is important to Carole and her volunteers, and they think it’s worth it.

Planning for the event begins months in advance and there are five different phases of the rummage sale.

The first stage is when people begin to donate items. Some people call her to pick up items, other times, she has been surprised to find many boxes and items in her driveway…at one time she was not able to get into her garage. This is an excellent opportunity for those doing some spring cleaning, downsizing, moving, or re-decorating to donate items they no longer need or want. Many very nice items have been donated to this worthy cause such as a piano, couch, tables, antiques, chairs, bike, bunk beds, and lots more surprises.

The second phase is to box “like” items and mark the contents on the outside of the box. These boxes are then taken to the Community Center and carried up three flights of stairs to a large room for storage until February. At that time, many volunteer “AG” students load their trucks with the treasurers and transport them down to one of the vacant buildings at the fairgrounds.

The third phase is grouping “like” items and placing them on the tables, i.e., dishes, books, holiday decorations, pictures, household items, tools, and knickknacks. Furniture and big items can be found along the back and sides of the building. Because these items have been donated, they can be sold at very reasonable prices.

Also at this time, flyers are designed and distributed throughout the town. The local radio station also advertises the event.

The fourth phase is the actual “shopping” event. There is something for everyone at this event and there is always a crowd, so come early. It’s hard to pass up some of the good deals.

The fifth and final phase is the clean- up. Any remaining items are boxed up so that local auctioneers can auction those off at their auctions. Volunteers fold up the tables, sweep the floors, turn out the lights, and go home tired, but knowing they have done their part to help keep the theater open.

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