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Working Together to Identify and Cope with Stress

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Attendees included Danny Bradac, Richard Schuette, Paul Jones, Drew Bauer, Craig Campbell, Kevin Woolever, Thomas Prether, Mikel Smith, Frances Piotrowski, Stacie Hodge, Matt Bierman, Mike Isaak, and Chris Wilkerson.

Washington County Hospital Emergency Department hosted their first annual Wellness Program for the Emergency Medical Services, Police and Sheriff’s Departments, and all Washington County Fire Departments. The topic of this year’s Wellness Program was “Working Together to Identify and Cope with Stress”. Stacie Hodge R.N., Supervisor of ED, opened the event and thanked all the attendees for coming. She then introduced the main speakers Kendra Kennedy, the Director of Counseling at the Human Service Center that services Washington County and Sam Stellhorn, The Emergency Services Coordinator. They spoke about the Counselling services offered in Washington County. These services include psychiatric, counseling, substance use, emergency services, DUI, Community Support, and Memory Assessments. Kendra explained how EMS, Police, and Fire Departments can contact them. Kendra and Sam also did a short presentation on how to manage your stress in all situations and environments. This is a great tool to have when working in a high stress work environment. Many choices that are made daily by EMS, Police, and Firemen might be made in life and death situations. They spoke about using breathing techniques to help center yourself. Kendra also explained a great technique called “3,2,1” which helps to calm yourself or others down when they are experiencing high levels of anxiety.

WCH would like to again thank all that attended our first annual Wellness Program. We look forward to hosting more educational events.

For more information on the services offered by the Human Service Center in Washington County please contact their office at 1-888-310-6233 or visit their website at

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