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NashvilleMarch 25, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Why I Can’t Sleep

1. Have to visit the bathroom.

2. Cats are play-fighting on my bed.

3. Need to go plug up my phone.

4. Got my mind on my money.

5. Have to find something that will not wait for morning.

6. Got money on my mind.

7. Get a drink of water.

8. The cats are laying down on my face.

9. Got my mind on WHAT money?

10. Have a Brilliant story idea that has to be written down now, or it will be gone by morning.

11. Got money on my mind.

12. Have to visit the bathroom.

13. Mom is calling me- where are her blue socks?! Go to sleep!

14. I just want to finish reading this one page…this chapter..this next chapter…

15. Where is my purse? Gotta have it!

16. Where did the keys go?

17. I want a snack.

18. Why are there so many stars?

19. Who thought up playing cards?

20. What was the name of the kid who sat behind me in third grade?

21. That lady we just met at the eating place — what was her dog’s name?

22. See how well I can write left-handed.

23. Got bills on my mind.

24. Kitty! Stop that!

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