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Street Lighting Discussed At City Council Meeting

By Alex Haglund

More issues of street lighting were discussed at the second March meeting of the Nashville City Council held on Thursday, March 19.

At the last meeting the council had discussed putting in new street lighting on Holzhauer Drive, near Nashville Community High School. At this meeting, Tom McFeron of the American Legion spoke to the council.

“It’s pretty dark around there,” said McFeron. It’s pretty bright on Gorman Street. If you look down on Legion Drive by the pond, it’s a lot darker.”

Mayor Ray Kolweier said that he had looked into the cost of adding lighting on Holzhauer Drive and that any new lights would use more energy efficient sodium vapor bulbs. To upgrade a mercury vapor bulb would cost the city a one-time fee of $250 per pole.

After that initial expense, “it would cost $1.29 a month extra,” said Kolweier. “They put the light up and charge us this Ameren monthly rate for as long as it’s there.”

Dim lighting was not the only issue in Memorial Park though, said Police Chief Brian Fletcher.

“The entire park, we’ve had issues with just about every light down there,” Fletcher said, saying that especially near the ball diamond.

“We may as well look at the whole thing,” said Kolweier. “I didn’t realize that there were problems in the rest of the park.”

As far as the lights on Holzhauer Drive, the council approved having four 250 watt sodium vapor fixtures installed at a monthly cost of $11.82.

“I think that it’s much needed,” said Fletcher, “especially during football season, there’s activity down there.”

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