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Farmer’s Market and Local Food Grant Writing Workshops PlannedApril 1, 2015 U of I Extension News


Farmer’s Market and Local Food Grant Writing Workshops Planned

Through the effort of Extension programs across the country, a series of farmers market and local food grant-writing workshops have been scheduled for three locations in Illinois during the month of April. 

The Regional Rural Development Centers in cooperation with the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) developed the workshop materials and resources focused on improving the funding success rate of applicants to USDA AMS grant programs, specifically the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) and the Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP).

University of Illinois Extension is participating in this project and offers training programs to assist individuals and organizations in their efforts to secure AMS resources to further the provision of local foods. 

The workshops will increase participants’ awareness of the program; increase the quality of applications while reducing time and effort needed to apply; and support those who have successfully applied. 

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