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News From Washington County Vocational Workshop

WCVW has just received notice that the Kroger’s Community Rewards program will be sending us $278 for the months of Dec.- Feb.

Thanks to everyone that has signed up. This money will be used to purchase clients and staff tickets to the annual Grizzlies game outing on May 6, 2014.

If you have not signed up for community Rewards, go to Kroger’s web site or call 1-800-KROGER.

You can select WCVW or one of the area schools. If you have a savings card, when swiped the computer system will send 3 % of pretax grocery items cost to the charity of your choice.

WCVW is also participating in the Prairie Farms Caps for a Cause program.

On half and gallon milk jugs there is a code printed on the cap.

WCVW is at 191 caps collect so far.

If you don’t send in your caps to the workshop, send them to Trinity Lutheran in Nashville or Hoyleton; to the Okawville Grade School or Lutheran School.

It takes 1000 caps to earn $50.00

WCVW is still collecting aluminum cans.

Thanks to our regular donors our pile is mounting. As soon as the recycling center opens these will be cashed in.

If you have any aluminum cans you would like to donate, just drop them off outside our front door.

We like the surprise of coming in the morning to find grocery bags or garbage bags full of cans

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