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WCH Sends Resolution Against Drastic Medicaid Cuts To Legislators

By Alex Haglund

At their March meeting (see page A1 for more), the Washington County Hospital board agreed to a resolution originally from the Illinois Hospital Association.

Possible cuts to state Medicaid payments in FY 2016 and beyond could be devastating to hospitals.

WCH President and CEO Nancy Newby stated that rather than asking legislators not to make any cuts at all, the resolution asks for, “workable, reasonable alternatives to drastic Medicaid cuts.”

“With changes in the Affordable Care Act, we now have an additional 500,000 people on Medicaid in Illinois,” Newby said.

The resolution asks that Illinois Hospitals have, “a seat at the table,” according to Newby.

The resolution, as signed by the Washington County Hospital board of directors, will be sent to State Senators David Luechtefeld and Kyle McCarter, and to State Representative Charlie Meier. Other hospitals will be sending out similar resolutions to their legislators as well.

This resolution recognizes that hospitals provide high quality, accessible care, have been faithful partners to the state of Illinois, are economic drivers and job providers, and that drastic Medicaid cuts would seriously endanger Illinois hospitals’ abilities to provide jobs, as well as fast timely healthcare.

“I think that this is a strong statement from hospitals all across the state,” Newby said.

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