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WCVW Honors Clients Of The Month

040115 WCVW Jenny L C.jpg
040115 WCVW Matt G C.jpg

The Washington County Vocational Workshop honors its clients for their work be naming clients of the month.

For December, the client of the month was Matt G., TOP LEFT.

Matt attends regularly and is an extremely hard worker. He consistently has a high rate of production. He is able to do a large variety of jobs besides just the pipe straps sent by B-Line.

The January client of the month was Jenny L., TOP RIGHT.

Jenny attends regularly and is also a good worker.

Jenny serves as president and presides over client government meetings.

Jenny has a good rate of production, a great smile, and is always helpful to housemates.

For February, the client of the month is Wally K., RIGHT.

Wally lives at the Nashville CILA and attends regularly.

Wally is a steady worker. He is always in a good mood and greets everyone with a smile.

Wally is always helpful to other clients and to staff.

040115 WCVW Wally K C.jpg

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