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New Heart Fellowship Church Hosts Hunt In Ashley

Newheart Easter Egg 1 C.jpg

New Heart Fellowship Church hosted an Easter Egg hunt, ABOVE and BELOW, for Jesus at the Ashley Community Park in Ashley on Sat. April 4th. We had 64 children registered.

There were 64 children registered. The children were separated by age groups (1-3) were inside the pavilion to gather eggs the other groups(4-6), ( 7-9) and (10-12) were outside in roped off sections just for their age group. Children gathered eggs and then came into the pavilion to open their eggs and find the treasures inside.

Along with all the eggs were scattered Resurrection eggs that contained little trinkets that pertained to the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As the children found the trinkets and brought them up to Pastor Mickey Kleiboeker he told of how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem one week and then crucified by those same people the next week, and how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and then 3 days later came back to life and is alive today.

Pastor Mickey reminded the children that Jesus loved them and that one day He is coming back to this earth to take with Him those who believe on Him for the forgiveness of their sins and have asked Jesus to come into their hearts to be Lord of their lives.

The children who found the trinkets in their eggs were given prize baskets for the trinkets. The grand prizes for each age group were the empty eggs which represented the empty tomb. Pastor Mickey invited all in attendance that did not have a home church to come to New Heart Fellowship Church in Beaucoup.

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