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Yellow Harbingers Of SpringMaster Gardener ScoopApril 8, 2015

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Yellow Harbingers Of Spring

By Leora McTall, Master Gardener

In early spring a lot of time is spent here looking out the windows, just checking to see what flower is coming up – is anything blooming yet?

In the world of daffodilians, the first daffodil to bloom is an occasion of fierce competition. Since there are early-blooming varieties (especially “Rijnvelds Early Sensation”), we plant them in several protected places in the yard. This helps hurry the bloom along even more. They are planted on the south side of the house, shed or garage, between two big rocks, nestled in a tree stump, etc.

On March 17 this year the dreaded call came from friend, Ernie, yes, his first daffodil had just opened. He had won! (Wait ‘til next year)

This event is the true beginning of spring. Soon to follow were “Ice Follies,” “Tete-a-Tete,” Bird Music and those un-named beauties on the south side of the house.

For More, Please Read The April 8 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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“Bird Music,” as photographed in Leora McTall’s garden.  This miniature, Division One, trumpet blooms above the foliage, revealing a full view of each perfect yellow flower.

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