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RichviewApril 15, 2015


Gerri Philipps 249-6281

No complaints about our weather, no sir… It is so nice to have the windows open and feel that breeze. I think SPRING is finally here.

I know all of our thoughts and prayers are for the people up North around Rochelle and Fairdale. So much devastation.

Have you been to Shakes & Ladders here in Richview recently? I just love all the different types of merchandise they have, so much to choose from. I see on their Facebook page there’s a tall table with four chairs, looks like the old style oak table. Oh yes, and a yellow birdcage, everybody needs a birdcage.

The Lantern Pub will be serving Liver and Onions on Thursday, April 30. Better get there early.

The Royal Neighbors group will meet Friday Morning at 9:30 at the Richview United Methodist Church for a meeting and to set up for the Family Fun Night taking place that evening.

The Richview ‘Town Wide’ rummage sale is scheduled for Saturday, June 6, from 7 – 12. You can do lots of shopping that day as Ashley and Radom are having their Town Wide on that day also.

Benji Edwards will be leaving on June 22 for a 2-week Mission trip in Kampala, Uganda. Benji is a part of Future Hope Ministries and will be working at the orphanage and primary school. The orphanage houses about 80 kids, all of whom were brought in from life on the streets. Benji will be one of several going to help with some construction and maintenance.

The RUMC Youth Group meet on Sunday evenings from 5-6. Tonight the kids are going to hear about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and bake sugar cookies. There was a request for pizza. If you have small children up thru grade school age kids, send them over to hear stories of the Bible and some good eats.

Reverend Carol Lakota Eastin, Kaskaskia River District Superintendent, was a guest this morning in church, nice to have you with us Carol.

Plans are being made with the RUMC and the Cemetery Board to hold a Memorial Day Observance on that Memorial Day Monday at 10:00. The RUMC voted to make a yearly donation to the Richview Cemetery. Don and Nancy Russell have been so stewards in the care of our Cemetery, volunteering many hours to the upkeep. If you feel led to make a donation, Memorial Day is coming and the cemetery can always use the money.

The Richview United Methodist Church Women’s Prayer and Share group meet every Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 at the church: Local women meeting together to pray for the concerns of each other, the community and the world. Bring your prayer requests and join the group.

Just heard from Linda Schaeffer that her mother Lois Aussieker passed away early Sunday afternoon. Not sure on the arrangements yet but the she was hoping for Friday. Loved her pies.

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” –Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you live in the Richview community and are in need of food, please give Pastor Dennis Gambill a call at 249-6014 or 322-9038 to get on the list for pick-up on Saturday, 25 April 2015.

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