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City Of Nashville Accepts Bids For MFT Supplies, Bids Farewell To Finke, Renkmann

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Susan Finke and Keith Reckmann attended their final meeting of the Nashville City Council on Thursday, April 16.

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council approved bids for road and street materials to be purchased using Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds at their regular meeting held on Thursday, April 26. All told, $139,448 in bids was approved.

B.A.M. Bituminous Mixture #1, 200 tons at $44.44 each or $8,888 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc., of Nashville.

CA-6 Aggregate, 700 tons, $11.79 each, $8,243 total, from Beelman Logistics, Inc., of East St. Louis.

Emulsified asphalt Type HFE, 40,156 gallons, $2 each, $80,312 total, from Don Anderson Company, of Hoffman.

Sealcoat aggregate air cooled blast furnace slag, 1,200 tons, $16.85 each, $20,220 total, from Beelman Logistics, Inc.

Sealcoat CM13LB-32 aggregate, 1,200 tons, $5.50 each, $6,600 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc.

Reswept CM13LB-32 aggregate, 100 tons, $5.75 each, $575 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc.

Bituminous pre-mix cold mix, 200 tons, $73 each, $14,800 total, from Christ Brothers Asphalt, Inc., of Lebanon.

Farewell To Board Members

The city council and Mayor Ray Kolweier honored retiring board members Susan Finke and Keith Reckmann, who did not seek reelection in the election held April 7.

Kolweier thanks Finke and Reckmann for their service and presented each of them with a plaque.

Finke has been a member of the city council since 2007, while Reckmann has been a member since 2009.

The two newly elected council members taking Finke and Reckmann’s seats are Dennis Kellerman and Erik Rolf. Both were present at the Thursday night meeting, but will not be sworn in until the meeting to be held on Thursday, May 7.

New Police Officer

After Nashville Police Officer David Loucks resigned from the force, Police Chief Brian Fletcher began to search for a replacement. Josh Stevens was approved at the meeting to fill that vacancy.

“He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice,” said Fletcher, “but we have to send him to the academy.” Mayor Kolweier stated that for Stevens to attend the academy, he would need to be employed first as a prerequisite.

Fletcher also stated that the department is still waiting on a squad car that was ordered in November. The car is complete, but it is currently in Canada, where it is awaiting a shipment heading south for delivery.

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