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Ask A Pastor

By Pastor Scott Osenbaugh, The Healing Place

(Nashville Assembly of God)

Is divine healing real? Are sick people made well by the power of God? Some would scoff and say that divine healing is just another foolish religious notion — and I’m not talking about people outside the church. There are many who go to church each week but who think divine healing from God is a thing of the past, that no one is actually healed by Jesus in this modern day and time.

I disagree, and not just because I am a Pentecostal Christian who believes strongly in divine healing. I believe God still sovereignly touches and heals people today. This I have experienced first hand, more than once. In 1992 I was given a terminal diagnosis of inoperable and untreatable cancer. The medicos told me to take care of my final arrangements so my family would not have to do so in their hour of grief.

God had a different idea, and today I am cancer free. It wasn’t any medicine or treatments or any such thing. That huge lump in my neck which was nothing but a cancerous outgrowth disappeared within two weeks after someone laid hands on me and cried out to God for healing.

The God who healed in ancient Biblical times is the same God today. People in churches where divine healing isn’t taught or is spoken against have no idea what kind of power God still exercises among the people of the earth. They shortchange the power of God simply because their minds cannot grasp the reality of the Creator of the universe spending time with and meeting the needs of those who are His.

Why should is seem so incredible to believe that God still is in the healing business today? I suspect some who have been conditioned against divine healing in answer to faith-filled prayer have become convinced God doesn’t do that sort of thing anymore, even though they cannot find one shred of Biblical evidence that would support their claim. God has not changed, but in the hearts of many who claim to be Christians, God is manageable, small, and not a miracle worker.

So, if God heals today, then why aren’t all healed? God is more than able to send divine healing, but He is not required to do so. Healing comes as the divine response to faith-filled prayer, and it does not come just to make the suffering one feel better. Healing is to declare the glory of God. All of divine healing is about God, none of it about us. The sovereign God can do what He knows is best in a situation, and sometimes what He knows as best doesn’t fit with what we want the situation to be. Ultimately our position is to cry out to God for healing mercy, knowing that He will always do what is right.

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