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Grades School JDRF Fundraisers Recognized

042915 JRDF Top Fundraisers BW.jpg

After a fundraising student/parent fun run was held to help benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the top student fundraisers are now being recognized for their efforts.

Altogether, 53 students from Kindergarten to fourth grade participated in donation, raising $2,624 total.

Physical Education teacher Megan Cruser said that all the students did well, but recognized her top ten fundraisers, who, between them, brought in $1,166.

They are: Seldon Ray Kozuszek, $225; Jillian Mary-Beth Kuhl, $150; Brynn Stiegman, $118; Brody Meyer, $111; Breckin Baum; Cecelia Sherman, $78; Belle Schmale, $76; Dakota Hanenberger, $75; Roark Paszkiewicz, $75; Noah Frederking, $70; Aidan Heiman, $70; and Andrew Windler, $68.

Top Nashville Grade School Fundraisers included front row, Noah Frederking, Aidan Heimanand Andrew Windler; middle row, Cecelia Sherman, Belle Scmale, Dakota Hanenberger, and Roark Paszkiewicz; Back row, Seldon Ray Kozuszek, Jillian Mary-Beth Kuhl, Brynn Stiegman, and Brody Meyer.

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