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NashvilleApril 29, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer


Sometimes when we reach our goals, they aren’t what we expected them to be.

For instance, when someone buys a house, they may not have expected renovations, or gophers in the yard, or ants in the house.

When a young couple have their first baby, they may not be prepared for sleepless nights, crying fits that won’t stop, how bad those diapers really are.

A singer may work really hard getting songs sold, getting popular, and when they are, screaming fans may not leave them any time alone to create new songs.

A writer may write book after book, story after story only to get rejection slip after rejection slip. Then when they slog through all the hard work of making a name for themselves, people misinterpret their message.

Actors pay their dues to become working actors and become popular. But when they are popular, fans run screaming after them, leaving them no privacy.

A young lady or woman might spend all of her energy getting the popular boy or the handsome man to pay attention to her. Sometimes, though, when she does get his attention it is the wrong kind and she ends up getting abused or stalked.

Goals in life are good things to have. Just be sure you have thought out all the possible outcomes and have prepared for them.

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