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New Vehicles For Sheriff’s Department

042915 Sheriffs Vehicle BW.jpg

The Sheriff’s Department is showing off its new patrol vehicle, a Ford Interceptor (based off of a Ford Explorer.

By Alex Haglund

Washington County sheriff Danny Bradac has announced a new patrol vehicle for his department, a 2015 all-wheel-drive Ford Interceptor.

Increasing his department’s visibility was a goal for this vehicle, which has gone to a white on black color scheme and has a traditional light bar on top of the car.

Current Sheriff’s Department vehicles are all-white sedans where the lights don’t protrude from the vehicle. More importantly though, “some of the old squad cars are getting close to 200,000 miles,” said Bradac.

“I want people to know we are out there,” Bradac said. “Anything to let folks know we in the county and are doing our jobs.”

Bradac also stated that he hoped the vehicle’s all-wheel drive capabilities would reduce towing during inclement weather conditions.

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