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Red Hat Ladies Visit Bakery Nook, LottaWotta Creek

The Red Hat Ladies enjoyed visiting Nashville’s Bakery Nook for their March luncheon.

Everyone loved the delicious luncheon specials and enjoyed purchasing yummy bakery goods.

The Nook was decorated with hanging carrots and a giant Easter Rabbit sitting inside the window. The tables were decorated with glass lanterns filled with glittered eggs.

Mary Ann Borowiak celebrated her March birthday with a special cake baked by the Bakery Nook and was enjoyed by all. Mary Ann Borowiak was the hostess for the luncheon.

Marge Rensing hosted the Ruby Red Jewels’ luncheon at Lotta Watta Creek in Fairview Heights.

The theme of the restaurant was the outdoors. There were many deer, turkey, and canoes throughout.

A delicious lunch was served with homemade bread and cinnamon butter as an added treat.

A specialty whipped cream dessert was served to celebrate Judy Heiman’s April birthday.

At the business meeting, President Turner issued a reminder for all to pay their yearly dues.

It was decided to discontinue playing bunco.

However, it was decided to play the card game, manipulation, and dominoes as a replacement and meet at an eating place prior to the games.

The ladies are checking into the possibility of eating at Patti’s Settlement in Kentucky at a later date.

After the luncheon, the ladies went next door to the antique mall and viewed everything from old quilts, old clothes, dishes, toys, furniture, and more.

Those attending the luncheons were: Mary Ann Borowiak, Helen Bleisch, Phyllis Diedrich, Jerri Heggemeier, Judy Heiman, Winona Huckshold, Karen Lunte, Georgine Hawley-May, Launa Paszkiewicz, Marge Rensing, Betty Renken, Sandy Turner, and Ann Wojtowicz.

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