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Chamber Of Commerce Board Discusses Farmer’s Market

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met Wednesday, May 6. 

The board talked about the Farmers Market, which began Thursday in front of the Washington County Courthouse, despite the renovation. There is a fence up to keep people off the grounds, but the sidewalk is still available to use. 

Director Doris Povolish will talk to the vendors to make sure there is an interest later in the year for the Monday night Farmer’s Market, but the Board agreed that if there is even only 1 or 2 vendors, they should be allowed to have the market. 

The golf outing has been set for Thursday, October 8, at 2 p.m., with more information to be coming later in the year.

There was some discussion on how to keep people with Nashville Dollars spending the money in Nashville. There have been instances where someone will have some large bills and only want to purchase something inexpensive so they can get the cash change to go out of town to spend. The purpose of the Nashville Dollars is to have the money spent in Nashville. 

The Board agreed to only give out $5 and $1 bills and for those that need large bills to give away as gifts, there will be a stamp on the front of the money about not refundable for cash, as well as being good for cash value only, so there will be no change given back. This won’t be a problem for the small bills and if anyone needs the large bills broken down, they should get that from Povolish as the Chamber Office. 

Reality Day was successful for eighth graders in Nashville. Many students didn’t understand what it takes to run a household, but they now understand what their parents are going through. Ideas for next year include adding a booth for student loans for those who went to college, as well as adding in a spouse’s monthly paycheck. 

The Chamber website is up and running and the Board will be tweeking it in the coming months. Chamber members should let Povolish know if there is something incorrect about their business’ entry. 

The General Membership meeting is Wednesday, May 13 at noon at Girolamo’s in Nashville. Sharon Frederking with the Washington County Health Department will be the guest speaker, talking about emergency preparedness and how you can help.

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