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New Digital Projector Installed At State Theater

051315 State Theater Projector back C.jpg
051315 State Theater Projector front-C.jpg

The State Theater’s new projector, RIGHT, is installed Wednesday by Dennis Kress, ABOVE, in the theater’s projection room.

By Alex Haglund

The day the State Theater has been awaiting is here: the new projector, a digital Christie Solaria One–plus was installed at the theater on Wednesday, May 6.

The new projector will be accompanied by a new sound system, a new screen, new wall coverings, and plenty of other building renovations.

The projector use Texas Instruments DLP technology, with separate projection chips for the red, green and blue channels reflecting off of thousands of tiny mirrors and combining into a full-color image on its way to the screen.

Dennis Kress, of Sonic Equipment Company of Iola, Kan., installed the projector, saying that the device could show films from a number of different inputs.

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