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April 22 And May 13 Classic Photos: “On The Pipeline” And “War Stories”

April 22 Classic Photo: “On The Pipeline”

Betsy Gillen called in about this photo, saying that the man on the right is her father, Rollin Holbrook, manager of Illinois Power, with an office in Nashville. She stated that the photo was probably taken in 1967 or 1968, because her dad had retired in July of 1969 and passed away in November of 1969. The photo is a picture of a new connection with the gas and electric company coming together.

May 13 Classic Photo: “War Stories”

Frank Absher emailed the Nashville News saying that last week’s Classic Photo, “War Stories” was of him and some classmates at Westminster College around 1966.

“I had apparently banished the event from my mind because it took several seconds before I realized I was looking at a photo of me,” Absher wrote. “It probably had something to do with the presentation of the painting of a scene from Vietnam.”

“Later after graduation I joined the Air Force when my draft number came up and spent a total of 14 months serving in Thailand with Armed Forces Radio/TV,” Absher wrote on. “I was glad to get out of the military. Those were the days when you were literally spit on in the US if you wore the uniform in public.”

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