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Chamber Meets At Giralomo’s

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce General Membership meeting was last Wednesday at Giralomo’s. 

Director Doris Povolish reported that the Farmer’s Market has begun, as of last Thursday morning. 

Povolis says there were five vendors and they discussed only being there until 11 a.m., as it had been noon, but things are usually winding down by 11, so there may not be many vendors after 11 a.m. each Thursday morning. They said they would stay longer if there were customers. 

Povolish also reported the website is up and running.There is a message board on it that can be used for any members that have something they want the general public to know about. Just send the information to Povolish and she can get it listed on the website. 

Spring madness went well, according to feedback from many of the 25 businesses that participated. This is the first year for the event and if anyone has any suggestions for next year, call Povolish. 

Sharon Frederking of the Washington County Health Department was not able to make her presentation, as she was attending a funeral, so they will try to reschedule her for next month.

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