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Trekking With Troutman

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By Alex Haglund

Dean Troutman, 84, is walking the roadsides of Illinois, trying to cover more than 700 miles over 75 and raise awareness for his efforts to complete Troutman Park in Princeville, which he is building in memory of his wife, Dorothy “Peggy” Troutman, who passed away in 2010.

“I wanted a memorial for her. I wanted something that would last for generation after generation. And about the only thing you can depend on is on land being there,” said Troutman along the side of State Route 127 Sunday morning, heading south towards Pinckneyville from Nashville. “The kids in town didn’t really have a decent park. Little league didn’t have a field, JFL didn’t have a football field. There just wasn’t much for– well even for the adults to do. So I said what the heck, I’m building a park as a memorial to her.

“Some nights, I’ll stay outside, but these fire departments along the way have been pretty good to me. It might be sleeping on the floor, but it sure is better than sleeping along the side of the road in the woodchips and things.”

In Nashville, the Nashville Volunteer Fire Department did host Troutman for a meet-and-greet on Sunday afternoon, but he did not need to sleep on the firehouse floor. Instead, he slept two nights in beds at the Best Western courtesy of Financial Solutions Midwest, LLC. Troutman was also at Buretta’s on Saturday afternoon.

Those interested in Dean Troutman’s can follow him on Facebook at , or on his website at Donations can be made on the website.

For More, Please Read The May 20, 2015 Edition Of The Nashville News.

Dean Troutman, 84, walks along State Route 127 south of Nashville, heading towards Pinckneyville. For more on Troutman’s journey, check out

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