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Gift-Teaching Garden/Hoyleton Childrens Home-UpdateMaster Gardener Scoop – May 27, 2015

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Gift-Teaching Garden/Hoyleton Childrens Home-Update

By Janet Klie, Master Gardener

It is now the end of May, and we tilled our garden on April 29. Pastor Howard Self brought his tractor and tiller and worked it all up. We helped with moving things, so that went well. On May 4, the children planted the garden. We had a lot of help from the staff at the children’s home, the 4-H leaders, the Extension office, Master Gardeners, and friends from Hoyleton. It took us about three hours to get all the plants in and watered. It was up to the children to water every day until we got a good rain. Well the rains came—six inches in two days—a lot of rain.

We all came back May 13 to plant herbs. We put all the herbs in large pots with good soil and watered them well. As we were planting, we tasted them, smelled them, and talked about what each is used for and how (cooked or raw). We had a good day.

We met on May 22 to plant seeds we had left. We have a wide variety in our garden. Stop by and see what you think. The children are very proud of what we’ve done so far.

We still need help keeping out weeds and strawing. Come by and see what we are doing and help.

This has been a very busy month. I’m sure it will be a very busy summer for all.

We couldn’t have gotten this much done without all your help. Thanks to Rev. Howard Self and Hoffman Seed Company for all the seeds. Thank you to Jason Davenport from Bonnie Plants for all the plants and herbs. What a wonderful gift you all are.

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