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NashvilleMay 27, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer


Architecture has been around since the start of civilization, although it has not always been called that.

Ancient Egyptians built temples, palaces, pyramids, and other buildings using simple drawings.

Then there are the Greeks with their open air theaters and the Romans with their excellent roads, coliseums and viaducts.

And then there is – well, there is so much I could say about architecture, that I think I will confine myself to personal preferences.

I prefer the type of architectural styles being built around the turn of the 1900’s.

Many of those types of buildings live in our town.

The two block stretch of route 15 that we call downtown are lined with those lovely types of buildings.

Many of the large houses in town were built around that time and are worth a drive around town to see.

Some of the houses are even on the Historic Register! But I will leave it to you to discover which ones they are!

My absolute favorite house style is Victorian.

With its tall bay windows, dormers, gables and ornate gingerbread (fancy woodwork), it calls out most strongly to my artist’s soul.

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