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Poppy Day Is March 29

May 29 is Poppy Day, be sure to get out and support veterans and purchase a poppy.

The Poppy was first chosen as the American Legion’s memorial flower at the 1921 National Convention and was worn in memory of the men who lost their lives in World War I.

The one bright color on the shell torn fields and hills of these war-torn areas was the little, red Poppy. On the edges of the trenches, in the ragged shell holes, brave little Poppies grew and bloomed on the graves of those men buried in the sacred plots of French soil, which was Flanders Field. Remembrances of the cheery bright red flowers returned to America with our boys. And so, the Poppy became the symbol of the dead, their memorial flower.

Illinois is only one of two states that have their hospitalized Veterans make their Poppies. Through the winter months, cut materials are delivered to these Veterans and soon boxes of bright red Poppies are ready for a big distribution in May. The veterans making our Poppies receive payment. What a joy it is to wear a Poppy made by a disabled veteran, when you know the money it brought him or her filled a desperate need.

All money taken in over expenses is returned to the Veterans and their families through our program. They are distributed by unpaid volunteers on Poppy Day, May 29.

Once again The American Legion and The American Legion Auxiliary will be collecting for donations for our Veterans.

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