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Okawville Village Board Addresses Sewer Issue

By Jill Moon

The Okawville Village Board met May 26. The meeting began with an appeal to the Board by resident Glenn Backs for restitution for plumbing expenses he incurred during a sewer backup.

The blockage was eventually found at the curb which he thought should be considered on the Village side and more of the Village’s responsibility to maintain.

Now Backs says he has been told he needs a backflow protector and he wondered why that wasn’t installed while it was dug up.

Board President Jasper allowed that while some restitutions had been made in the past it was the Boards current position that the sewer main running in the middle of the street is the Village’s sole responsibility and property owners are responsible for everything leading to it. Mr. Backs was also informed that the Village had also been billed by Haier Plumbing, who decided who to bill for which services.

The Board approved a $250 donation to the Okawville Agricultural Products Fair Association and a $15 sponsorship booklet. They decided to change fuel suppliers from Gateway Fuels to Huels Oil.

The Board adopted Ordinance #527 which lowered the interest rate on Community Development Assistance Program loans to 3%. The change is not retroactive and would take effect June 1.

The Board voted to accept the streets in the Plum Creek Villas subdivision and approved Haier Plumbing’s proposal to repair the storm sewer at 102 Hanover Street, not to exceed $8,568.

The board also passed 3 projects to be done by Rollie Excavating: a curb and gutter project at Plum Creek subdivision, not to exceed $2856, the Hanover Street extension, $19,000, and sidewalk replacement in front of Green’s Decorating, $5,800.

For More, Please Read The June 3 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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