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Tight Fiscal Year End At WCH

By Alex Haglund

Washington County Hospital’s Fiscal Year ended on April 30 and some of the figures were reviewed for the hospital board at their regular May meeting, held the evening of Tuesday, May 26.

The 2015 fiscal year was tight, but as of the May meeting, “we are at a menial net income of $9,571,” said WCH Chief Financial Officer Elaine Matzenbacher.

While the year is complete, the final tally could go higher, or lower, once the final audit is performed.

“I expect us to see some additional health insurance claims,” Matzenbacher said.

After auditing, “will we stay in the black?” asked board member Bill Manier.

“No, I don’t necessarily think we will stay in the black,” Matzenbacher responded. “I’m just trying to be realistic.”

“There are a couple of things that could sway it a whole lot,” she continued, but she added that there were also things that could sway the number in WCH’s favor as well.

Matzenbacher stated that the greatest uncertainty in this year’s accounting was due to issues with Medicare and Medicaid payments and expenses coupled with a large increase in total medicaid patients in the state.

Matzenbacher also reported a loss for the month of April of $18,931.

Yearly Totals

In the last fiscal year, WCH reported:

• 260 total admissions

• 12,047 total patient days

• 33,530 outpatient visits

• 2,665 emergency room visits

• 578 total surgery cases

• 134.7 total full-time equivalents

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