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Eight Inches Of Rain In May For Nashville

May was another wet month, according to the weather report released from the weather monitoring station at the water plant.

There was 8.32 total inches of rainfall measured in May, with the most falling in a single day on May 11 at 2.20 inches. Other days had more than an inch as well, with 1.18 inches on May 9, 1.9 inches on May 30, and 1.64 inches on May 31.

Average temperatures for the month were 77.2 degrees for the high and 5.7 for the low.

The highest measured daily temperature was 85 degrees on both May 8 and May 19, while the lowest high for the month was just 62 degrees on May 22.

The lowest single day temperature measured was 38 degrees on May 1. The highest low was 69 degrees on May 26.

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