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Ask A PastorJune 17, 2015

Rev. Beverly S. Kahle

Pastor, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

“When you consider your role and position within your church, what does the title ‘pastor’ mean to you?

What does pastor mean to me? I believe that as pastor, through the grace and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am a servant to the most High God.

As God’s called servant, I am called first to be present with people and with that presence bring God with me to the table. That doesn’t mean every word that comes from my mouth references God, but that by my actions, decisions and speech,

I have the awesome task to represent God. Before you start thinking whatever you were starting to think, I believe that is not only my task but the task of every believer as we are called to be part of that priesthood of all believers. We are all God’s representatives in this world.

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Ask A Pastor

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