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Letter: Historic Preservation A Worthwhile Effort For A CommunityJune 17, 2015

Historic Preservation A Worthwhile Effort For A Community


I recently returned to Nashville for a quick visit to see what the Washington County Historical Society has been doing with it museum and depot properties. What I saw was a fantastic display of what can be accomplished when a few really good people set their minds to doing something worthwhile for their community.

The people of Nashville and the surrounding should be very proud of what is being accomplished in the name of historic preservation. For those of us who have ties to the area, it is great to see an appreciation for the past, as well as an effort to preserve it so future generations can know what has come before.

There is so much that can still be done, and I encourage your readers to appreciate history and embrace it – much as you have done with the publication of the old photos from the files of The News. The donation of family documents and pictures will help future generations conduct family research, and an online presence like Wayne Hinton’s Facebook page is invaluable in that regard.

In short, I hope Nashville, its people and its institutions will take up the effort to make history a vital part of its image by supporting its preservation and display.

Frank Absher

St. Louis, Mo.

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