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City Council Discusses Nuisance Ordinance

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council spoke about a new nuisance ordinance at their regular meeting held on the evening of Thursday, June 18. Council members were presented with a draft of the proposed ordinance, but the final version was not yet ready to be voted on.

The current nuisance ordinance, “is pretty vague as to what constitutes a nuisance,” said police chief Brian Fletcher. “there is no room for interpretation.”

Fletcher continued to say that the draft ordinance also includes a clause for voluntary nuisance correction, which would allow police to enter into an agreement with those who present a nuisance who would voluntarily agree to take steps to abate the issue.

City Attorney Bill DeMoss will be working to finalize the ordinance, council members took drafts home and will likely vote on the ordinance at the next meeting.


Street Department superintendent Richard Schuette told the council that the State of Illinois is now requiring all compost sites to test for the presence of salmonella and fecal matter and to then retest yearly.

Previously, Nashville had been exempt from being required to perform this testing because none of the compost was redistributed or sold, but now all sites must follow the regulation.

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