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NCHS Finishes Fiscal Year, Davis Retires

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By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Community High School District 99 Board held their last meeting of the fiscal year, which ends on June 30, on the evening of Monday, June 22.

This was also the last meeting in the career of district Superintendent Wendy Davis, who will be retiring effective the same date, June 30.

Following Davis’ retirement, Ernie Fowler, formerly of the Sangamon Valley School District, will be taking over as superintendent.

With the fiscal year ending, plenty of financial business needed to be attended to at the meeting, including a hearing required for the board to approve the final amended budget of the fiscal year.

“I said all year that it was a tight budget,” Davis said, “and it was.”

In the education fund, there was $3,230,000 budgeted and the district ended up with $3,213,740 in expenditures.

For operations and maintenance, $400,000 was budgeted and there was $397,055 in expenditures.

In transportation, things were slightly looser, with $500,000 budgeted versus $463,529 in expenditures. Davis said that lower fuel prices than initially expected did help to lower expenses somewhat, but then, the district only received three transportation payments from the state instead of the regular four.

While the year was very close to finished, things aren’t done until they are done.

“We have paid our bills,” Davis said, “These are the expenditures for the year.” However, she stated that more receipts could be coming. How much that could be would be hard to tell though.

“I’m pleased that the board was able to approve a tight budget and that the district was able to stick to it for the year,” Davis said.

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Asbestos is currently being removed from classrooms and hallways at NCHS.

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