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The Best Speech EverNashville – July 1, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

The Best Speech Ever

On Friday in South Carolina, President Obama made the best speech ever.

Officially, it was a eulogy in honor of Reverend Clemente Pinckney, who was one of the nine African-Americans of the African Methodist Episcopal Church gunned down during a Bible study being held at the church.

It was aired live on Fox News stations around the country.

The idea of God’s Grace was beautifully woven throughout the speech alongside of praise for Rev. Pinckney and his parishioners, the role of the Church in our communities, the taking down of the Confederate flag, gun control, race relations and the struggle for equality, justice, and Grace, Grace, Grace.

The speech was timely- given around the time of the taking down of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina state capitol. As it should have been taken down , as it is a symbol of the black struggle against the subtle prejudice of some of the country.

This speech was special because it could only have come from this particular President and been accepted as genuine because he is seen as a link between Government and the African American community.

And he sang “Amazing Grace” without missing a note!

If you missed the speech, it can be found in its entirety on YouTube, under “FNN Obama Gives Eulogy.”

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